Emily Elizabeth’s Apple Juice


I’m Les Davies and I have been working with apple trees for over 50 years. I was born and raised in the County of Somerset, where we hold the apple very close to our heart.

This apple juice has been made for you from hand picked apples, with such names as Beauty of Bath, Falstaff, Discovery and Blenheim Orange. The apples have come from orchards that don’t use pesticide or artificial fertilizers and are pollinated by bees. They’re grown for you to enjoy the natural taste of apple juice that has been inspired by the apple tree that grew in my Mothers garden in North Somerset. She was a Farmers daughter connected with the land all her life and the picture on the bottle label is her first school photo at the age of six.

It takes many hours of sunshine, rain and loving care to produce the apples that go into this vitamin C rich drink. I think you will enjoy it. It’s a little taste of the West Country… So welcome to Emily Elizabeth’s Apple Juice.

To keep the food miles down I try to distribute through local retail outlets, so if you would like to know where and how you can get hold of some , please drop me an email through the ‘Contact Les’ section

Les Davies.