Mendip Times – February 2016

Blossom on a plum tree – at this time of year?! A milder than usual winter sees Les reflect on Februaries past and future in this month’s Mendip Times column.

In a packed article, Les ruminates on climate change, the origins of the name ‘February’ and takes in some lore around the festival of Candlemas. He also, of course, recommends you take advantage of the more clement conditions and get outdoors, even if Jack Frost is likely just around the corner!

To read the column, click on the image below to go to the Mendip Times website. Best way is to view the magazine on PDF – go to the option ‘the magazine’ on their menu and then click to download the latest copy of the Mendip Times. Les’ column is on page 48 of the February edition:


Mendip Times – February 2016

Or you can download this and Les’s previous Mendip Times columns on our archive page.

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