A West Countryman’s View – And So It’s Christmas!

With my advancing years , Christmas seems to come around with frightening speed! Its at this time of year that we are all visited by the ghost of Christmas past in one way or another. Memories of my childhood Christmas and of those of my children when they were small, flicker across my inner eye. They are indeed from a time that will never come again.

There is always a school of thought that Christmas is just too commercialised these days and that we have lost it’s true meaning. I think that such a sentiment may well have come down through time with every successive generation. As to whether its true or no, I have no comment to make. Perhaps in this hectic world of ever increasing pressure, ever faster methods of communication and ever growing demands upon our time , we should relax a little bit more.

Take some time to get out for a walk at Christmas, with the family if possible. Walk and talk and enjoy one another’s company. Talk about everything  and nothing, it doesn’t have to be about political views or commercial prospects, it just needs to be about relaxation, laughter and togetherness.

Whatever you’re doing over Christmas do it well.


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