Author: Les Davies

A West Countryman’s View – Never Work with Children or Animals

I was always told that you shouldn’t work with children and animals. Well I’ve done both and found that it wasn’t that bad. Children take you for what you are and not what you pretend to be. Their knowledge of

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A West Countryman’s View – “What life is this if now so fraught…”

“…we take no time to stop and talk?” How many times have I said “good day” to people , only to receive a stare in reply. How many times have I greeted passers by only to be ignored. It seems

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A West Countryman’s View – Honoured Age

In the arrogance of my youth I saw many situations where the younger man felt that he knew it all, that included me as well! Not only did we ‘know it all’ we were also empowered with super strength. Quite

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