A West Countryman’s View – “What life is this if now so fraught…”

“…we take no time to stop and talk?”

Orchard Course

How many times have I said “good day” to people , only to receive a stare in reply. How many times have I greeted passers by only to be ignored. It seems we live our lives in an ‘isolation tank’ of mobile phones and ear phones. We block out the world and retreat behind a barrier, so we don’t have to talk to ‘strangers’.

Yet once we have broken down those barriers, how better do we feel for laughing and exchanging pleasantries with others who pass us by? Ok, so we may never see that person again in our lives, but does that mean we ignore them? We should take more time to talk to one another; take more time to stand and stare at the world that surrounds us, and take a little time to reflect upon our own lives and how we interact with others who share this time and space with us.

We will not be here for ever, nor will what we enjoy last forever. The world is a constantly changing place, and time is an unstopable force that waits for no one.

So tomorrow, take a little time to say hello to someone. It may brighten your day, and make some one else feel a little bit better as well!

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