Mendip Times – July 2016

The summer is finally upon us, which means life just got that bit busier for Les, but ‘there is never a bad time to be out on “The Hill”‘, as he recounts in this latest Mendip Times column.

Join him as he revisits his stint as judge at the Environmental Youth Awards and advises you keep an eye out for unwelcome “hitchhikers” (of the insect kind) when you’re out walking! Les also gets to touch on perhaps his most cherished work – his role as educator, to British urban schoolchildren and American college students alike, in matters rural.

To read Les’s column, click on the image below to go to the Mendip Times website. The best way is to view the magazine on PDF – go to the option ‘the magazine’ on their menu and then click to download the latest copy of the Mendip Times. Les’ column is on page 60 of the July edition:

Mendip Times column for July 2016

Or you can catch up with Les’s previous columns at the archive page

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