A West Countryman’s View – Inspiration

Isn’t life so very hectic, and at times complicated. We all need a bit of ‘feel good’ every once in a while, something that makes you stop and take notice of what’s going on around you. Something that gives you a bit of a lift, and makes you want to go on again.

Inspiration comes in many ways to many different people. For me it can be someone I meet who has achieved something against all the odds, or it can be a moment in time that captivates me. The natural landscape is one of those things that inspires me. It makes me to want to find out more, find out about those who lived here before me, and it makes me want to find out just how it was created and moulded into what I see today.

For me the countryside is full of ‘feel good’ and inspiring thoughts. I don’t need a Passport to enjoy diversity, I have it right in front of me. A green and pleasant land that we often take for granted but without which we would be all the poorer. And the lessons from all of this? Get out there and discover it, get out there and enjoy it. Let it fill you with inspiration and enjoyment such as only the English landscape can.

A rare double rainbow pictured over the Yeo Valley

How about this picture to start a bit of ‘feel good’ in you. Its a double rainbow over the Yeo Valley within the Mendip Hills. If this doesn’t lift your soul, you haven’t got one!

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