Mendip Times – December 2014

Mendip Times December 2014

Mendip Times December 2014

We are rather late posting up the link to the December column but it’s well worth reading even though Christmas is now a distant memory.

December means Christmas and in this column, Les talks about his modern-day Christmas while remembering Christmas past, when times were simpler and Christmas was more about the food than about presents. Who can remember a Christmas stocking with a tangerine in the toe? And I wonder if you have as much fun cracking walnuts as Les does.

Coming from a farming family, Les recalls the work that went into producing the crops that provided sprouts and spuds for Christmas dinner.

He also remembers that liqueur chocolates weren’t all they were cracked up to be saying “Like so many things in adolescent life, they were a bit of a disappointment when you got there.” I think a lot of today’s teenagers would agree with that comment!

To read the column, click on the link below:
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